wheel bearings on 2003 Honda CR-V

i had brakes and rotors replaced in june now i am hearing a grinding noise when i brake i took it back to the shop and was told brakes are fine i was told that it might be the wheel bearings making the noise

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Do you mean front or rear brakes, both use a "cartridge type" wheel bearing, if you hear a grinding sound from the wheel bearing the bearings must be awful and the wheel bearing hubs may also be bad! Grinding sounds are normally caused by a defect in the braking system.
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The grinding noise is only when you brake? If so, we're not looking at a wheel bearing problem, I would not think. Wheel bearings grind any time the wheel is turning, and although braking could possibly change the noise slightly (load changing on the wheels...), it would still be there without brakes being applied.

I would maybe take a closer look at the brake pads and rotor finish. Something doesn't seem quite right here. This may not be a safety issue, but it could cause abnormal wear out and is an annoyance.