wheel bearing replacement and alignment on 1998 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL

I need to have the front driver wheel bearing replaced. Should I also have alignment done?

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I WOULD DRIVE THE CAR FIRST,THEN CHECK THE TOE IN WITH A TAPE MEASURE.front wheel drive cars have different specs for this you may be ok if the tires measure the same dimenstion on the front and back,measureing from inside of one tire to the other on the front and rear as well.
no toe in and no toe out. both straight ahead,this will help in handling and tire wear as well.If you have one tire in, at the top then a camber adjustment may be needed.they should both have some positive camber angle slightly out at the top. Try to see that they are adjusted the same and then adjust toe in or out last.
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I would drive the car first. Often times the wheel bearing can be replaced and the steering gear is not put out of adjustment in any way.

Good Luck!