wheel bearing replacement on 2008 Chevrolet HHR

I need the two front wheel bearings replaced. How much would it cost? This is the second time they need replacement. Should I take that up with Chevy? I never had one replaced in any other car ever!

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I know this is a bit late but I wanted to try and help. The wheel bearings for ALL GM cars 2007-2009 ARE covered under the powertrain warranty...5 year 100K warranty that is. My husband and I didn't know this and came VERY close to paying the 700 bill to replace them. They took this feature away from the 2010/2011 cars b/c apparently the GM wheel bearings STINK and it cost GM too much to keep replacing them. SOOOO...if you have a 2007-2009 GM car- even if it is a USED car and you are the second or 3rd owner? It's COVERED.
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I have the same car and thought that it needed to be replaced I was wrong I changed the tires and the squelling and noise was gone. Just remember one thing that these cars came with all season tires that means that the tires are for summer & winter and will make noise thinking it's the wheel bearings that needs to be replace or telling you that bearings are gone. One more thing is that when you change your front brake pads make sure they replace both clips that connects to your breake pads or else you will hear even stronger noise thinking that it's the wheel bearings. Just to tell you these tires are good and expensive I put them back on to my car.