Wheel Bearing. About how much for repair, please. on 2002 Mercedes-Benz C320

I took my car to Maryland inspection on Saturday morning. I recently became a proud owner of my 2002 MB C320; 4 Dr Sedan. She had 115,117 miles when purchased. Everything passed with the exception of the Wheel Bearings. The Shell mechanic inspector said it could be possibly need lubing or replaced. However, I need have it repaired and if I can get an estimate. I've contacted an MBSU dealer in Silver Spring, MD and I was given a quote; and looking also at auto repair shops that specialize in Mercedes. I found three. The inspector's comments "Recall Differential; Bearing Noise". Thanks.

Front or rear? Left or right?
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wheel bearings $30.00 per. seals $20.00 per. labour 4hrs. rate depends on shop. u can find these parts at napa. some times more cost effective to buy parts yourself and bring to shop for labour only.