WHEEL ALIGNMENT on 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis


by in South Portland, ME on July 25, 2013
1 answer
ANSWER by on July 25, 2013
approx 70.00
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I recently replaced all tires, had wheel alignment and changed serpentine belt. Noticed that the power steering sounds as if it is straining sin...
...ve an internal problem that makes turning to one side difficult; it may need to be replaced. A wheel alignment is needed after the steering gear is replaced.
I never heard of a Grand Marquis needing alignments? Car don't pull to left or right when I rel...
It started doing it only when im on a bumpy road or hit a hole. Everyone I asked and let hear it said it was the ball joints saw I bought brand new upper and lower ball joints for driver and passen...
I changed upper and lower ball joints on driver and passenger side but still pops when turnt hard

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