wheel alignment on 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara

After I did 2 times wheel alignment my car still goes to the left. Any suggestion what might be wrong?
Thank you.

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Have it checked out by someone that knows what they are doing. If you had 1 alignment and you car was pulling you never should have left the shop without an answer! Alignments are less likely to cause a pull than most people think. Tires, brakes and worn or bent suspension parts should be checked. I hope you were not charged for the second alignment.
Actually I was, because I went to a different shop. First shop gave me half of my money back. But even after second shop I still have the same problem. Its happened on a second day after alligement(same way after first shop).I even went to the third shop(they didnt charge me at all) to check brakes, ball joints and so on. I was told it might be a caliper(front right side)but I have to go to the dealer to check preasure and caliper. But I'm not sure if its right side caliper why car goes to left?
AHHH the rest of the story! This could very well be brake related. Is it happening after driving for a while? If it is a caliber lock up yes it should be the left side. The flexible brake lines have also been known to collapse internally. You really need to find an ASE certified tech in your area to correctly diagnose this properly.
Thank you for reply.
That is wahat I'm doing now. Looking for certified tech .