1994 Pontiac Firebird Q&A

1994 Pontiac Firebird Question: whats wrong with this dang thang

i have a 94 firebird with the 3.4 and a 5 speed tranny, IT WONT START ive replaced the computer, the modul under the coil packs, yet i dont get any power to the wires that go into the coil packs, ive checked the wires with a test light and cant get any power to the coil packs what could it be? somebody got any advice what to check or replace next? -
Answer 1
First and foremost, NEVER use a test light to check any computer related wiring on your car, it will BLOW the computer! Next, you need to find out whether your are getting a crank signal. you can check this by cranking your motor and checking the injector pulse with a noid light or injector test light, NOT a regular test light. If you have no injector pulse you will NEVER have spark! if no pulse go here and trace down the steps for engine cranks but won't start. http://bit.ly/alldata_repair_manuals -
Answer 2
same issue here!!! -