What's Wrong With My Power Steering? on 2005 Honda Accord

When I start and drive my car in the morning the power steering is almost non-existant. This only happens when it's cold outside. It started at the end of last winter and I live in AZ so I didn't have any problems all summer but it's started again. It groans when I turn the wheel and it's hard to turn. After about 10 minutes of driving it heats up and is fine. Also, no matter how often I bleed the power steering it always has foam in it. I think I need a new pump. What are your opinions?

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Try changing the O-ring at the inlet side (from the larger hose off the reservoir).Very common problem on the older ones. It can suck air in through that fitting if the O-ring has gotten to brittle and worn out. Also check for wet spots on that large hose from the reservoir , it could be deteriorated and allowing air in too. That would generally show up when the car sits for a while. Third , if the reservoir screen is clogged , it will aggravate the other two possibilities I described. Make sure to use ONLY Honda power steering fluid! Other types could damage rack seals.
Thank you ziptie! I'll check that out and let you know if it helps. I appreciate the feedback very much!
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agree with #2
poss rack and pinion is going out,seek diag to confirm
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