What's wrong with my 02 Cadillac escalade? on 2002 Cadillac Escalade

Yesterday it died while I was driving. When it died I still had power to my radio, lights, ets and my change oil light stayed on. It will start back up with a jump or if it sits for about 5 min. What could it be? I do need an oil change but will that cause my car to shut down? I was on my way to auto zone today to get it scanned but it did on the way and after waiting an hour for the hubby to come give me a boost I just went back home. I'm going to try tomorrow to get it scanned again

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Have the charging system (Alternator) output voltage checked, seems that it's not keeping the battery charged.
Ok. I was planning on doing that tomorrow. My husband thinks it's that as well. Thank u for ur response.
You bet.
Alternator was good. Battery wasn't but I bought I new one and it's still not starting.
Have the starter motor checked, 'IF' the engine is not turning when key is turned!!! (IF IT WILL NOT 'CRANK')