Whats the sound my car makes when I turn left, or lightly apply the breaks? on 2003 Chrysler Sebring

I bought my 03 coupe chrysler last yr in 2013, with 1 previous owner that mained it very well. Its been over a year since I bought it and not 1 issue with it. I maintain it regularly, just bought new tires, and break pads, but My car makes a loud noise when I apply my breaks, even over a speed bump. Or make a left u turn, and Even when im on the freeway and apply the breaks to slow down my car rattles and shakes. Then it suddenly started to give out smoke when I was at a red light. I took it in many times, they said it was from spilled oil from an oil change. But it was about 1k miles before an oil change was due. I dont know what the problem is, as ive taken it to many diff shops and get the same answers. "Thats just how it was made." What worries me is that this is my only mode of transportation, for my son and I. What is the problem and a solution to consider with this make and model?

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