What's the reset procedure for Anti-theft system? on 1996 Infiniti I30

Took the battery out to recharge it. The horn started blowing to stop it I put the key in the door and turned it. I replaced the battery and now the car wont start even click and the security light is blinking until I close the door.Someone suggested it might be the relay.I need the procedure to reset the anti-theft system.

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I dont know that off hand. Check your owners manual. If you dont have it, you may find it here.
Have manual. Nothing on reset procedure when anti-theft is activated. Apparently removing the battery does that? Thank you for your response. @@
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Lock all the doors with the windows up if you have control arm the alarm and desable do a couple times if not work. Lock the doors than
Open with the key get in the car take a seat lock the doors again with the door panel and unlock the same way after open the driver door and close than put the key on the ignition turn ignition on not staring open and close the door and staring the car should fixing your isue