What's the difference between a fuel pump and a fuel filter? Are they all in one? on 1997 Dodge Neon

I've taken my Dodge Neon to the mechanic 3X for what he said was a defective fuel pump. It still runs rough and dangerously (slowing down to 5 miles an hour or just quitting altogether) HELP! I don't know if I should go to another mechanic or take it back again. I've already spent $413.00 for what seems like nothing.HELP!

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the fuel pump and the fuel filter on your car are two differnt parts. the fuel pump is in the gas tank, while the fuel filter will either be under your car towards the center or rear or in the engine compartment. however when replacing a fuel pump, you should also change the fuel filter. if you have not changed the fuel filter try that. if that doesnt work ask the mechanic if he replace the fuel pump or the whole fuel pump assembly