what's the diameter of the crank where the rod bearing goes?
on 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid

My reading using a calipar was around 1.935 to 1.955 inches. Does that fall within spec?

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How bad was it knocking?
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if it has any marks at all its bad.
No marks. One bearing was sitting ontop of the other. The ends were tappered to an edge, but the crank looks good and feels smooth.Do you know what the spec's are on the crank at the rod bearing?
We dont have access to that info. Machine shop does. What do you think it done to the circumfernce of the rod when one bearing got atop the other?? It is not exactly round anymore! Why do you want numbers? Install a new bearing and see what happens! If you are not going to install a crank kit and recon the rods! What other choice you got? If it aint tore up the bearing has the numbers needed on the backside of it.
Good luck!
I appreciate your candor.I can't afford the work needed to do it right, but a possibility exists that with a smooth crank at the right specs that I may only need a bearing. 1.958 is the measurement needed as revealed by one of the post replies.I got 1.935 to 1.955. I'm just not sure thats within tolerance.