what's the cost to repair the shift solenoid? on 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

What is the aprrox. cost of repair for shift solenoid? How long does the job take to complete? Should I drive on the highway anymore before the repair?

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Just had mine done.
The solenoid itself is about $200 and about 1 hr labour.
Where did you go to have it fixed? Do you mind me asking?
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My shift solenoid went bad on 1998 Chrysler town and Country van. Had it towed to a dealer, the cost was 458.00 parts and labor.
! took my 2004 chevy impala to the shop . they told me my "trans shift control valve "needed to be replaced. Is that the same as solenoid ? and if so , they told me the cost to replace it is 1,300.00 . Is that around the cost to replace it on my car ?