whats next! on 1994 Nissan Altima

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'i own a 94 nissan altima the poor old thing is sick and i cant figure out how to fix it
suddenly since the oil change all i can smell is burning oil through the heater
my heater works but it clicks it is getting annoying
my rpm meater is wonky for some reason when i bought the car it worked and then not one week after owning it it stopped working and goes flippy
i wonder if i should even put all that much into it it has over 330 000 k on it
(2) Answers
Sounds like the valve cover is leaking oil onto the exhaust manifold and the smell is coming into the car, the book time to change this is less than an hour and the part runs about $35 and the heater fan motor probably needs replacement also about $120 for the part and .6 of an hour to replace.
I agree with ValleyAutoTech that the valve cover gasket is leaking and oil getting into the spark plug wells & causing you engine to die. Another thing is the oil can get into the camshaft position sensor which part of the distributor unit which is caused by clogged PCV valve & can cause your engine die also.