What's needed to fix random failure to start? No engine turn over & no clicks. on 2005 Toyota Corolla

No pattern discerned, but will sometimes start after several tries. Ruled out key and battery problems. Has been happening for about 2 weeks & problem seems to be increasing in frequency and severity. Security system unused but do need to engage engine protection system with key turn to start.

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please check for a fusable link of the starter an also check the ignition fuse
Will do. Thanks!
Fuseable link or fuse is either good or bad not intermittent! When it will not start, if you are equipped to do so, check for voltage at the starter solenoid, small wire, when a helper turns the key to start. If voltage present replace starter, if not seek a mechanic!
Thanks, Pushrod. I took it to a mechanic today. Darned thing worked like a charm so no diagnosis... Hate to wait until I need to be towed to resolve, hence my query here.
Happens every time. Just like going to the Dentist, get to the office, tooth quits hurting! Dentist sure as heck can't tell which one to work on,
unless it is very obvious.