What's fair cost to fix power steering drive belt? on 1998 Ford Escort

How difficult is this job? Can a home mechanic do it, or is this major like the engine drive belt? Will I damage car by driving to a garage about 8 miles away?

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Not a big job...it has 1 belt that drives everything...Alternator, P/S pump, and A/C Compressor if equipped. If the belt is broken you should not drive car.
you should be able to get that done for approx 120.00 at any repair shop. not worth your knuckles
It should cost no more than $160...easy job...you need a car mechanic with car tools,not a home mechanic with house tools...if the belt is off or broken, you cannot drive it, otherwise it should be ok to drive to a garage...if off or broken, tow or get a mobile mechanic.