what would you do next after replacing the cps? on 1994 Volvo 940

I replaced the crankshaft position sensor on my volvo 940 and the car ran fine, however the idle was very high and began to pulsate. It ran for about 30 minutes pulsating and then it shut down after the under the hood temperature elavated. Started back up once it cooled down. Should I replace my throttle sensor? Or what do you recommend?

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There are 3-4 things I can think of right off the get go, but a diagnosis of the problem is needed, without that you're just wasting your money replacing unneeded parts.
Thanks for the reply, I took it to the shop today. Im done chasing my tail. Thanks again!!!!!!!
Good decision. Let us know what they find out!
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If it's overheating it will do the same thing so I suggest to replace thermo stat and re check.

its not overheating. under the hood temperature!