what would the best book to purchase as a repiar guide on this vehicle? on 1999 Ford Explorer

I changed the EGR sensor recently and the vehicle performance improve, but the check engine light turned on again. should I check the O ring in the intake manifold or just ignore the light? When I turn on the vehicle in the morning it accelerate and decelerates for a second, but then idles good. The codes are P0171 P0325 P1000 P174.

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Looks like the engine is running lean. I'd check / clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor.
P1000 is not a failure code, it just lets you know that the OBDII drive cycle isn't completed yet.

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If you are looking for a great repair manual, check out It has the same manuals for sale as we use in the Ford dealership.
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I have a question to a Ford 'insider', you may be able to help me with it. Could you send me your e-mail to zeekerekes at gmail dot com? Thanks a lot!