what would prevent car from starting. on 1998 Chevrolet S10

was driving down road 35 mph and it died. have spark coming from coil pack but nothing from distributor. replaced cap,rotor and distributor. still no fire from distributor. what else do I need to look for?

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Good hot spark from coil wire that goes to the distributor? Should easily jump a 1/2 inch gap while helper cranks the engine over. IF this is the case then recheck your dist cap and rotor. If that much spark is going in, then it has got to come out IF the cap and rotor are ok!!!! That's all there is to it. IF spark is weak, try another coil wire, if still weak, replace the ignition coil. I am talking high voltage secondary ignition SPARK that will make you jump like hell if it shocks you, not battery voltage at the coil terminals.
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How are you checking for spark? Just letting it arc from the wire to ground, or with a spark plug or a screwdriver? To check for spark a tool like an ST-125 is required which looks like a spark plug, with no center electrode and has an alligator clip to ground it. These are used because they are calibrated to require 25000v to fire one. Just trying to get a spark to ground through conventional means can trick you into thinking you have spark when you don't really have enough to fire a plug in a cylinder. That only takes about 800v and won't fire a plug that is under compression.