What would keep engine from starting when you have spark and fuel presure on 1999 Toyota Corolla

the 99 corolla driveway stalled and never restarted.
checked fuel pump it comes on when attempting to start
checked fuel presure 47#
Removed battery and had tested
checked for spark at plug wires and all give blue arch at 1/2 inch on tester.
replaced plugs with same that were in it
hooked up OBDII and have no codes (they cleared when battery was removed)
All fuses are good.
tried to introduce fuel directly into intake but do not think that is viabel test as the only entry into the intake puts the fuel below the head on this layout.

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check for injector pulse
Is there a way to do this with a multi-meter or testlight?
you should have noid light
If you have a DVOMM (digital volt ohm multimeter) that reads frequency you can.
Called several parts stores and could not locate a noid light, most did not even know what one was.
Was fortunate that a nephew who works for a toyota dealership was in town on vaction and was able to find time to stop by and take a look.
Problem ened up being clogged injectors. After running a can of commercial cleaner we are back up and running

Thank you for the input as you at least got me to a step beyond what a hains manual gave me for trouble-shooting and i learned that had I had the tester it would have lead to the final issue which was either clogged injectors or ECM which are the lst 2 links in the fuel chain.
If you want the factory info go to to get any info to repair your car. Unfortunately you wasted your money on a haines manual.
glad to hear you fixed the problem
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Check timing belt alignment.
this engine runs a chain, could it still have jumped? engine only has 140,000 miles