what would happen if my car was having ignition tumbler failure on 1997 Mercedes-Benz E320

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i turn the key and it started to take longer for it to kick over then all of the sudden it wont kick at all when i turn it wont catch the lights and all else are working strong
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I don't think it is ignition tumbler failure that would make the ignition key difficult to turn in the ignition switch or possibly make the key difficult to withdraw from the ignition. Check your battery connections are clean tight and secure. Check your battery voltage at rest the battery voltage of a fully charged battery must be 12.6 volts, on starting the voltage across the battery shouldn't drop below 9 volts or you have high resistance in the starter circuit or bad electrical connections which need to be checked doing what is called a voltage drop test. Most likely your battery is weak, charge your battery see if the engine cranks faster.
see if your smart key bat is low