What would cuase my transmission to just stop working in all gears? on 2006 Mercedes-Benz E350

My transmission stopped working in all gears including reverse. No leaks or noise just driving down the road and it went out. Just like it was in neutral. I have never had any noises or leaks and it has always shifted normal. Could there be an electrical problem or some kind of module that needs to be replaced?

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check connection to tranny. maybe dirty or just disconnected. if connection is good than have diagnostic run to see what issue is. bring to tranny specialist for this. more thorough test.
Were would I find the connection? Thanks
you would have to jack the car up. is underneath. follow the drive train. hopefully that's all it is. good luck.
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If there was an electrical problem, the transmission would go into failsafe or "limp" mode. It would still move in drive or reverse at low speeds as long as the transmission is full of fluid (you need a special dipstick tool to check fluid level). Are there any warning messages? If it doesn't move at all then there is either an internal mechanical problem or internal leak between the valve body and the transmission case. I am very familiar with these transmissions and have the Mercedes diagnostic system at the shop. It may or may not be a simple fix but I would be happy to give you my opinion before you spend a bunch of money to repair it. Feel free to contact me at the shop.

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Seatac, WA
Thanks James! I'll most likely will be calling you! I was going to try changing the trany fluid and filter. Not sure if that would make a difference?
If the problem occurred all of a sudden, chances are slim that a fluid and filter change would help.
Hey man....I just drove home from work like two hours ago and everything was fine with my 2007 e350 trans and just tried to pull out to go to the store and it clunked into reverse and clunked even harder into drive and then would not shift outta first gear. Is this the "limp" mode you speak of that my car has put itself into? I don't think there is a message warning me of the problem.
scan trans codes poss electrical issues or blown fuse controlling the tcm
Would I have to get it to a shop to check for a blown fuse? Or is it something I can fine my self?

the mechanic said my transmission is a computer and I need to purchase it but it has to be programed all of that will cos t $1,800.00. I think its a set up ..