What would cause these codes to pop up all at once? on 2000 Pontiac Firebird

The codes are P0151, P0131, P0137, and P0300. I find it unlikely that 3 o2 sensors would go out all at once. I am looking in to replacing all the plugs and wires to see if that fixes the problems. Is there anything else that would be recommended?

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don't waste your money seek diag to get it right the first time. you may have a circuit issue
I took the firebird in to a mechanic that i used to work for to see if he could narrow a few things down. He is thinking it is either the mass airflow sensor went out or it is just not getting fuel.
Other possibility is a fouled catalytic converter. This will back-up the exhaust flow, tripping o2 sensors. Need diagnostic on flow to determine issue.