1997 Ford F-150 Q&A

1997 Ford F-150 Question: what would cause the oil pressure to drop very low when the engine idles running

its has around 40lbs at idle 2 or 3 lbs the engine has 125000 mile on it very will takin care of -
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More info. on truck 97 F-150 aint enough! 5 engine possibilities, oil sae, what brand of filter. Is this a new problem? Are you checking it with an actual test gauge? -
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Sorry its a 4.2 V6 Tried Changing the Filter and Oil I Use a 10/30 Quakerstate -
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That's ok noboy gives enough info. How are you testing the pressure? -
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remove the sending unit and installed a manual gauge sound like I can hear a knock like main bearings? -
Answer 2
I agree with wetry its hard enough to figure out problems if we dont have enough info -
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Thanks GG. -
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if you have knock then your oil pump might be gone you should get it checked before the engine blows -