What would cause the motor to make a knocking noise only when the engine is cold on 2005 Dodge Neon

When the car is first started the engine makes a knocking noise for about 5 minutes then it starts to subside. It is only bad when it is first started. What is causing the knock?

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Leave it with a mechanic so he can hear this noise first hand upon cold start, we can guess at it forever!
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agree with wetry as this needs to be heard by mech 1st thing in the am
By all means , have it checked , but you might want to find someone in your area familiar with those Neons. A guy I work with has one and he had the same concern about the engine knocking , worse on cold start. That was more than 5 years and about 80,000 miles ago. Still running the same.
oil pump not working or oil is to heavy used light oil like 5w 30
I use 5W20 and there is no change. The motor only has 90000 miles on it. I have done timely oil changes the life of the car. It has been well maintained. Is there some kind of test or check for me to find out if it is the oil pump?
engine knock commonly atributed to resin and carbon build up. try ethanol treatment to a tank of premium fuel on next fill up. todays fuel uses ethanol blend which can leave build up in fuel delivery systems, combustion chambers and cause excessive wear to spark plugs. your fuel system needs a cleaning. if this helps, than make a point of treatment periodically(every oil change).
you may need to pull spark plugs and regap them or replace them also.