What would cause the lights, gauges, locks, radio, warning lights to go on & off on 2003 Buick Rendezvous

The BCM module has been replaced but if you move any wires or connectors all the problems keep happening and you can hear relays clicking. Sometimes this will happen on it's own without doing anything.

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Have your alternator tested. If it is failing, the lower voltage recharge shorts systems of necessary power causing everything to click on and off due to 'power starvation'.
Just tested the alternator and it checks out fine. Also tested battery and battery to chassis ground cable. All are fine. Any other thoughts? Thanks, Don
May have to backtrack through the BCM connections to see if a ground wire has come loose or is not attached. Why was BCM replaced initially? Was it the diagnosis of a shop that this was the issue? A new BCM needs to be reprogrammed. Was it reprogrammed?
The first BCM was fried and was replaced and reprogrammed by my local shop. Since it was still under warranty the local dealer tested it. I did find the problem, I think. Got connectors for the BCM from a junk yard and spliced all the wires to them. So far the problems are gone. One of the connectors must of had a short in it. Never would have thought that, but so far so good. Thanks for your input, Don