What would cause the dash lights to not work? on 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

I've checked all the fuses in the general fuse panel--where else could I check to see why the dash lights don't come on with the headlights?

by in Clearbrook, MN on August 11, 2009
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ANSWER by on December 16, 2009
Hello, What did you find was causing this problem? Was there a fuse or relay that was bad? thx!
COMMENT by on December 16, 2009
Hello Bretb: It was a relay. I checked under the hood where the realys are located and I switched the one for the lights with anohter one that was the same size and it's been working ever since.
COMMENT by on December 16, 2009
Good to hear, thanks for the update!
COMMENT by on June 02, 2012
Hello i have a 97 van that has the same problem, and we can find whats wrong. Before the change the electric board on the dash board and only last 3 months, all the fuses are fine. Please help me
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