what would cause no spark? on 1991 Pontiac Sunbird

I have checked the fuses and the coil looks to be new, I have checked spark coming out of coil and there is none, any Ideas what it could be? someone else had this car and took it apart, hopefully it is something easy, Please help I want to fix this for my sister who needs a car fast, thanks

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are all wires hooked up to all componenets
Everything is hooked up
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Check your igniter control module
Which is when you crank your car
It supposed send signal to your coil then your coil supposed to fires the spark plugs
You should google this image where is located at
Do you mean the ignition control module? that is in the dist, if I am not mistaken and I am not even getting spark to the dist, nothing coming out of coil.
Yes the ignition control module that is located inside your distributor
Yes you can take it apart
Any auto parts store should sell this item
Let me know if you need help of how to replace it