what would cause my olds bravada to do this on 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

lights pop up on dash, then i have no wipers, elec windows dont work, no radio, no heat or air, no dig readout on temp and directon gauge, no odometer readout, gas gauge does not work. then lights will pop across dash again & eveything works, sometimes for only a few short minutes, sometimes longer. does this frequently. any suggestions

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Kinda like you cut the key off, right? As far as the power loss to the accessories.
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There isn't one thing that will cause these symptoms, it really comes down to anything that could cause modules on the data bus to stop communicating. The best thing to do is make sure you know how often the problem occurs and if there are any certain conditions that make it more or less likely for the symptoms to occur. This will be important information for the tech that is assigned to figure this problem out, he/she really needs to get the car to act up and have a game plan in place to figure out why the data bus is crashing. Look for a shop that has the factory scan tool (Tech II) and ideally an electronics/diagnostics specialist.