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1994 Toyota Corolla Question: What would cause my corolla not to start?

Recently, I turned the key and started the engine with no issues. However, as I pulled out of my parking spot the car died within a few feet. I had no luck restarting the vehicle. I did notice the oil level was quite low but the oil light never came on prior to this incident. The car still would not start after adding oil to the reservoir. I read there may be a safety precaution that will not allow the car to start when the oil gets too low. The battery, alternator and starter seem to be fine. Any suggestions would be helpful -
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Timing belt been replaced before? -
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I have not had the car very long but the timing belt seems to be in good shape. -
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Few questions; have you removed the engine timing belt cover and looked at it? Tested the tension? Any cracks in it? Engine seem to spin over faster than normal while cranking since this happened? (Just sounds different now)? You pretty car savvy? -
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I have not but certainly will in the morning. Thanks -
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I think, cant remember, you can remove the oil cap and look inside to see if cam is turning while cranking, try that first, need a helper. I know you can pull the dist cap to check for shaft rotation while cranking, if no rotation, timing belt needs to be replaced! Let me know, what you find, there is more you need to do!! -
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