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2008 Ford Fusion Question: What would cause my 2008 ford fusion not to start if it's not the battery?

My car would not start today so I was going to jump the battery. I found the battery cables were loose so the car started after I tightened them. Then I realized my radio wasn't working so we checked the fuses and now it will not start again. The difference this time is that everything in the car will come on (except the radio)but it won't turn over. What could this be? I receive a diagnostic code on my message center as: ODO data error -
Answer 1
Try to jumpstart the battery and see if it will run. Let run for a little while, if it starts. Then shut car off. Wait about 10 minutes and try to restart. If won't restart, probably the alternator is going bad. Need to have charging system tested anyway. -
Answer 2
u may have a dirty or bad connection at battry cables. -