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2003 Suzuki Aerio Question: what would cause engine to idle rough,cuts off but will crank back

replaced bad mass a/f sensor,cleared codes.got running & no codes returned.low & rough idle,cuts off.ck fuel pres. & found it was too low @ injectors.replaced pump,still have idle problem.runs great above idle.also has new s.plugs,air filter,cleaned intake.drives good above idle,high speed no problem.still not codes.a BIG thanks for any help,jimmy.email jhstatham@gmail.com -
Answer 1
you've already eliminated alot of possibilities. look to exhaust system. possible cat. conv. higher rpm forces air through with more pressure. possibly to much back pressure at idle. -
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thanks,that was on my mind.i'm back after resting my brain w/fresh start.i'll let you know about this.i also had another person told me possibly the ecm,but don't have anyway to test.i'll ck the exhaust 1st & if that's not it,i'll look for ecu to borrow & test.thank's again & will send reply.jamesh50 -