What would cause an ignition switch to suddenly go bad? on 2001 Dodge Neon

We took this car to Pep Boys to have transmission fluid and filter changed and they called us and said the car wouldn't start. They cranked it and drove it into the garage but now they say it only clicks. They checked it and said it looks like it is the electrical part of the ignition switch. What would cause the ignition swith to suddenly go bad? We have never had any trouble with starting the car. Does this sound possible?

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I can tell you, this is very frustrating for a shop as well. Parts fail, and every so often one will fail while it is at a repair shop, it's inevitable. Making that call to the customer and receiving it are equally difficult.
If they were working around the part that failed, then I would be wary, but seems like a co-incidence.
And as the previous post mentioned, these are quite common failures on this vehicle.
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I see 4 or 5 manufacturers carrying ignition switches for your neon and if they all stock this item then it must fail
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