What would cause a cam position sensor to keep failing? on 2005 Dodge Durango

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Cam position sensor on my Durango has failed numerous times in the past year, first time right around 100,000 miles. Not sure on the others (4 total), but this last one is at 123,000. Engine has never over heated, all other sensors check out fine. Only been about three weeks since I replaced it and has happened again, replaced again, cleared code and took for a test drive, all clear. Got up the next morning to go to work, and same problem again, once truck warmed up the problem resolved itself. Obviously something else causing this but any information on this problem is scarce and everything I've read only mentions over heating as a potential source for sensor failure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,..........-Joe
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Do you have any of the old sensors, have those tested to make sure they are defective. You should be looking for the cause of the problem and fix that. Have you checked the entire circuit? Check the connector at the sensor for loose or defective terminals. Do you get cam sensor codes? If so, what are they?
I no longer have any of the old sensors but when this happens again I will keep it for testing. Terminals are tight and I can see no signs of corrosion or arcing across pins, likewise, as much of the wiring harness as I can see looks ok. I will check further this weekend for any wires that look damaged, plenty of wild life in my area so it's possible somehthing has decided to nest overnight in a warm engine bay and had a light snack while there. Only trouble code being thrown is P0340, hooked the scanner up this morning before starting truck to check what temperatures the sensors were reporting to set ignition advance and fuel mix but everything checked out. Left scanner in drive mode to keep a log so I will download and go over that later this evening. Honestly, not really sure what all is in this circuit so Google will be my friend later and I'll do my best to find out where else I should be looking while I inspect the wiring this weekend. Oh well, at least it's paid for. Thanks,..........-Joe