What would cause 2008 Altima not to start at times? on 2008 Nissan Altima

Has push button ignition, but is not alternator, all lights and panel board are bright. Will start at times & other times it won't. No check engine light is on. Battery is good. Someone said it may be a sensor, but not sure of name & it is on driver & passenger side of car. Any ideas?

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do you have any eng codes? poss crank sensor
No check engine light came on. The brake light will sometimes come on & one time the security light came on but after a few minutes it went off. Thank you so much. Someone tried to say it was the alternator, but someone else had the same problem changed alternator, and car did same thing, and she traded the car.
Just had my 2007 Altima repaired with same problem! It's the brake pedal switch was bad on my!
Ok,thank you so much.
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