What would be wrong if my car is very bouncy when im driving it? on 2002 Buick Century

Even since the day i got it, when i drive its bounces a lot. And the other day upon arriving to work my co-worker told me that it rocks a lot. I was thinking it was suspension?? But i know nothing about cars. If that was the case is that expensive to fix?

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Have the struts (shocks) tested, most likely they need to be replaced. All 4 of them i figure. Mechanic can do the old bounce test very quickly to see if this is needed!
okay thanks :)
Welcom, you can try this: push down and let off of the front bumper to get the car to move up and down, stop and then observe how much it bounces, if struts are still ok, it should not bounce but just return to normal ride higth! Do the same on the rear. IF it bounces, replace the struts!
The ones in the front are really bad compare to the back.. But i should replace them all, right :S
No, you can just replace the front then see how it does. Can always replace the rear later!