2008 Volvo XC90 Q&A

2008 Volvo XC90 Question: What would be the problem when XC90 Volvo break dosn't have pressure when it is

wet ( when it is raining). When it is dry ; the breaks work just fine ? -
Answer 1
You said no pressure, is the pedal going to the floor. -
Comment 1
No. and this problem only happened when it s wet -
Comment 2
So when you push the brake pedal it just seems to not stop as quickly, Probably glazed pads and rotors, meaning slick surfaces on both. If so, turn the rotors, sand the pad surfaces or replace pads. -
Comment 3
The rotors and pads are new ( 2 months old) it is Raybestos brakes ? i ve been told it is a good brand? -
Comment 4
Was it doing it with the old pads, before replacing them, or is that the reason you changed them. -
Comment 5
That was the reason I changed them. Actually, I changed all rotors and pads twice in the last year for the same problem. I took the car to the dealer and the did not know why it is doing this, othe repair shops question break assisstant system or master cylender but replcing any of those is a furtune! -
Comment 6
Just thinking, have you ever heard or felt a vibrating, growling noise while braking in wet weather. Has the ABS or Brake light ever come on, Thinking one or more Wheel Sensors could be faulty during wet weather causing the ABS system to engage not allowing the hydraulic pressure to be as strong as it is in dry conditions, possibly see a bad signal and not allowing the brakes to lock up. -
Answer 2
Any lights ever come on in dash indicative of the traction control, abs or other brake system indicators?? Wet, dry or otherwise!! -
Comment 1
No light up on the dash at all and vibration. the other thing I forget to mention is in wet condition and after I feel that the break is locking enogh, i pupm the brek pedal 2 or 3 times and the break brakes works fine, and continue to work OK as long as i m using the brakes frequently. The problem happen again after long drive for example after long drive on the highway. -
Comment 2
Well that's good to know. -