what would be the cost of replacing the timing belt? on 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

how much should I expect to pay for replacing the timing belt on my 2005 cobalt?

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Check out the Estimator tool:


Click that link! You'll find timing belt pricing and more
It only shows drive belts, not timing belts.
timing chain including parts kit and labor should only be $550.total or $700. if shop doubles the price cost of part
parts at auto zone timing chain 39.00,tensioner 29.00,or kit with chain ,gears,tensioner 149.00 .labor guide is 5.5 shop hours times whatever the shop charges per hour.should not be over $550.parts and labor for timing chain job on the 2.2 liter echotech gm motor.thats at $80.an hour shop rate