what would be causing my dash and dome lights to blink when i tap brake pedal on 1997 Saturn SC1

also my air bag light sometimes comes on when i'm driving

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What are you equipped with , to test wiring? Do you have access to electrical diagrams and circuit descriptions? Check for loose wires under dash ?
thanks for the reply. yeah,i have tester and diagrams and have an idea how to proceed was just hoping you could narrow it down for me. dash lights still blink when i tap brake pedal but today all warning lights came on as i was driving and engine shut off. it restarted but had to put in neutral to keep it running and did manage to get home.
You have the edge , with the wiring diagrams, but if I think of anything else , I'll post it.
ok. appreciate it. defriese
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you have an electrical issue.
i have an electrical issue? yeah, i kinda knew that already. i wanted to know what might be causing it.
Electricity ....with should seek counseling?