What wiper motor replacement part do I need? on 2002 Saturn SC2

My wiper motor on a 2002 Saturn SC2 went out and the suggested replacement motor doesn't seem to fit. Did Saturn make some cars in 2002 that still used the wiper motor made for earlier models?

Does the old one LOOK the same?? NAPA part # 491585 .. If it is a 2002 SC2 and that one from NAPA dont fit, or one that will cross reference... YOU are doing 'something' wrong!..... There is only ONE wiper motor listed for that car!... 3 mounting bolts and a 4 pin wire connector..... that what you got?
I checked with the mechanic, and he needs a front wiper control module for the Saturn 2002 SC2. the part number on it is Bosch 21303659. Can't seem to find it anywhere.