what will make the truck stutter at acceleration and randomly through the gears? on 1996 Ford F-150

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when cranked first thing of a morning truck idle's up and down and when i try to take off, it stutter's and cut's back till i crowd the gas then it pick's up and goes, but not like it should. thought it was the maf so i replaced it, same result's. Now i'm being told it's either the egr pressure valve or the idler air control. tried to scan truck but have no power to the port, scanner wouldn't even come on. have also replaced cap, rotor, plugs and wires. ANY help is greatly appreciated
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I tried to have truck scanned, but when you plug in the scanner, it wont even light up. theres no power to port or some thing. check engine light is either blown or some one has taken it out. the truck is used so i have no idea what all has been do to it. oh yea, it drink's gas big time. 15 mile's will cost me a quarter tank of gas.
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