2000 Ford Explorer Q&A

2000 Ford Explorer Question: What will make the theft light keep blinking even when you go to start it?

Answer 1
security problem.. try turning your key ignition on for 10-15 minutes until the light not blinking then turn it off few seconds and try to turn key on again if not blinking start your car. good luck -
Answer 2
Entirely dependant on the vehicle. If it is a ford they will not start if the battery in your electric fob dies. GM's VATS system has a problem with the ign wires that control the starting system. These vehicles will have a small tab on both sides of the key with metal strips in the middle. Incorrect resistance or worn contacts can be the problem there. Not sure of your vehicle make, so much is dependant on that.www.lightdeal.co.uk -
Answer 3
have codes scanned to determine issue -
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