What will it cost to flash out the DIESEL from UNLEADED tank. on 1999 Nissan Altima

The tank was on empty & my daughter mistakenly put $18 worth of diesel in the tank. She got about 3 blocks before it "freaked out" as she put it. What will it cost to get the tank & the lines flushed?

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Blame it on the girls! Lol. It's not a real serious mistake. All that needs to be done is get as much Diesel out of the tank as possible. Blow out the fuel lines, change filter, if applicable, and fill tank with premium gas. No need for a bunch of unnecessary work! A little bit of Diesel will pass right through the system, no problem. So don't pay for any major parts! Just shop supplies, disposal fee, filter and gas. Labor of course. I just fixed a Pontiac last week, same deal, running just fine, now! Can't give you a price on another man's work though.
Well, unless I've suddenly become a man, I think you mean, change it on the KID! LMAO! No worries, I'm not offended :)
Where is your shop at? Are you in LA near Whittier by chance?
No MAM, i'm way over here at the other big pond, in Va.
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"PUSHROD" is correct. I think on a 1999 Nissan it might even have drain plug on the gas tank.
How the hell did your daughter get the diesel nozzle in the filler neck?
That was my question!
Eveidently it aint no problem, see this fairly often!
call your local repair shop and get estimates