what will cause my car to stop running after awhile on 1996 Plymouth Breeze

wait 20 minutes and car will start and run fine for awhile

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Yellow light (check eng.) on in the dash when it is running? If so have it scanned poss. crank sensor problem.
When it stalls can you check for ignition fire? See a mechanic, may be your best bet.
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depending on the engine it could be crank sensor or cam sensor go to autozone while it is running and have them scan it 2.0 2.4 liter engine the cam and crank sensors fail alot the 2.5 v6 the crank sensors fail more than the cam on that one its part of the distributor also a friend of mine had a bad powertrain control module it would run until it got warm then shutdown good luck post back with the codes and we can help you further
I had a 1996 Dodge Stratus that had that problem,. It ended up being a crank sensor.
hope this helps.