what will cause low or no coolant in upper hose & heater hoses. no outside leak on 2000 Jeep Cherokee

new to me jeep. It is skipping and bogging down when excelerating and now has started overheating and has no coolant in both heater hoses and the thermostat housing is bone dry. I don't see an external leak anywhere. there is a hose T in heater hose, with engine just started I have steam or vaporized antifreeze coming out when I opened cap to see if coolant was flowing. upper hose gets rock hard after short drive 5mi. or less. codes show cylinder 2 missfire.

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The FIRST thing you need to do is have a combustion leak test performed to make sure there is not a head/gasket problem! From the symptoms you descirbed, that is possible. If that turns out ok, more testing can be done. If it fails the test, that will need to be addressed FIRST!
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have it ck by your mech for poss headgasket issues