what type of catlic converter will I need to get I want to buy it myself on 2003 Chevrolet Venture

I replace the 2 sensors but the engine light is still on so I want to replace the cat. conv. so what type should I buy because if I let the mech. do it I know I will be overcharged so I want to buy it and take it with me to the mach.

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Nobody else has said anything, so we make our living on parts and labor and maybe some charge too much, but to help you save money is fine, and I think you need to research this for your self. Not trying to be rude just stating the facts.
I'm not trying to do it myself I want to know what type of converter I will need to buy my venture is 6cly I'm not sure the engine size but it is a extended body van I looked at the cyl.conv. but I do not know which one to buy ?
The front one
what do you mean, do I get it with the pipe connected or just the converter, I see there are different types?
It can be welded in.
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Are you saving any money by changing parts without the problem being diagnosed? In NY you need a CARB compliant converter.