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2002 Toyota Corolla Question: What tools would I need to replace the rear struts on a Toyota Corolla?

My friend's Corolla is in need of a repair to the rear suspension. I don't have any auto mechanic experience, but I am pretty handy with mechanical stuff in general. Is it realistic that I could replace the rear struts myself, and if so, what tools would I need to do it? It sounds like I need to remove the tires, disassemble the suspension, replace the struts and reassemble everything, which doesn't sound all too difficult. Would I be getting in over my head? -
Answer 1
Remove the rear seats the top bolts are 14mm head, (x3), don't open center (19mm?) nut, separate ABS sensor mount from strut (10mm wrench) undo brake line (14mm I think, also need pliers to undo spring clip). two large bolts go through rear hub/suspension strut either 19mm,21mm or 22mm), bring the strut assembly to a tire store or auto machine shop. Goodyear type place get them to use a spring compressor to mount the new struts for you reassemble and bleed the brakes. -
Answer 2
go to Erazo auto services inc 5818 w fullerton chicago il. theydid mine andthey did a good job...donefor less than quoted everywhere else. -
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