what to do when excursion wont start. fuse keeps popping. on 2000 Ford Excursion

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we have a 2000 limited excursion and are having trouble with it starting. The gage panel is completely flatlined, the motor will turn over but then it dies. The battery is fine and the fuel is fine. A fuse keeps blowing every time we start it. It is the fuse that controls the idol validation swith and the instument cluster. Anyone have any ideas? We are stuck on vacation and we don't know anyone that we trust to help us out so we can head home.
(2) Answers
Yes, if the fuse is blowing then you have a short in the circuits that it protects, in this case, the dash or the idle validation.
I had the same problem and found a wire in the steering Colum had worn a bare spot and that kept blowing the fuse when I moved the shift lever I taped the wire and all is well.