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2008 Honda Fit Question: What to do if my Fit shows the symbol for TPMS(Tire pressure monitoring system)?

i had installed two new tires last week. today that symbol (TPMS) came out. what does it means? -
Answer 1
Likely not calibrated properly after the new tires installed or sensors damaged during the process. -
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Thank you for your answer. Any idea how much does it cost to fix this? -
Answer 2
Who ever put the tires on needs to recalibrate the TPMS system. -
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Thank you!!! -
Answer 3
Whoever changed the tires probably broke/damaged the sensors,honda tpms does not need 'recalibration' just for a tire change. Also if all four tires were low at the same time , that will turn the TPMS indicator on.Code would need to be cleared with a scanner that's compatible with Honda , but would not necessarily need re-calibration(or 'sensor ID learning').-----------------------------------this info is for people like me -----just now getting around to reading the question. A year to late for someone else, though. -